St Francis School


Project Data

  • Total Lot Area = 49,607m2
  • Gross Floor Area =  2,028.45m2
  • Internal (G/F) 1031.82m2 + (2/F) 973.83m2 = 2,028.45m2
  • External (G/F) 10.45m2 + 15.904m2 + 146m2 = 172.35m2
  • Total Construction Area = 2,200.8m2
  • # of Storeys = 2
  • Turnover Date = August 2018

Educational Institution


  • Bookstore, Clinic, Library, Science Laboratory
  • Nursery + K-G10 Classrooms
  • Faculty Work Area, Principal’s Office, Guidance Counselor’s Office
  • Electrical Room, Janitorial Room



  • Green wall used as shading and glare control
    Ceiling fans
  • Energy efficient lamps and appliances
  • Rainwater Collection Tanks, and water efficient fixtures.
  • Low VOC paints
  • Solar PV Panels
  • Ground floor is elevated 0.7m above street level
  • BP344 compliant ramp provided for PWD access
  • PWD and user friendly CRs provided


  • Healthier, pleasant & comfortable interiors with natural light and cross ventilation.
  • Grass pavers reduced urban heat island effect.
  • Green wall provided sufficient shading and glare control, and provide further cooling due to evapo-transpiration.
  • Green wall likewise acts as a buffer of strong winds, dust, noise, rain, apart from solar heat gain.
  • Ceiling fans provided in rooms can provide comfort cooling during cooler months and aid in circulating conditioned air a few minutes after the A/C has been turned on during warmer months
  • Air conditioning may be used during warm and humid months
  • Rain water collected is used for irrigation and water efficient fixtures result in reduced water bills.
  • Energy efficient lamps and appliances including inverter type A/C’s, result in reduced electric bills
  • Solar pv panels are intended in the future for further reduced electric bills.
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