Parkwood Greens


Project Data

Total Lot Area = 191.17m2
Gross Floor Area = 196.28 m2
Total Construction Area = 401m2
# of Storeys = 3
Turnover Date = February 2009



  • Living, Dining Main & Utility Kitchen, Powder Room, Play Room
  • Laundry, Maids’ Room & Toilet & Bath
  • 3 Bedrooms with ensuites, Balcony,
  • Roof Deck with Toilet & Bath and outdoor Kitchen

Mr Randy Uson

Mr. Randy Uson The Green Design of Architect Pabs Suarez is very much a daily blessing. During the summer, it allows for cool ventilation not normally found in most homes these days. Our air-well gives us a morning breeze while dining. During the cooler days, it is like being in Baguio while staying in Metro

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  • Central staircase with operable windows
  • Pocket gardens at light and air wells giving access to natural light and cross ventilation for all rooms and ventilation for Toilet & Baths
  • Energy efficient lamps and appliances, and water efficient fixtures
  • Low VOC paints


  • Healthier, pleasant & comfortable interiors with natural light and cross ventilation with reduced energy consumption.
  • Shaded areas as source of cross ventilation are sources of cooler air.
  • Main staircase as source of diffused daylight, in conjuction with daylight from light wells make artificial light not a necessity during daytime.
  • Air conditioning a necessity only during extremely warm and humid conditions.
  • Energy efficient lamps and appliances, and water efficient fixtures result in reduced electric and water bills.
  • Raising ground floor by 1.0m above street level mitigates risk of flooding
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