Asian Development Bank Headquarters
LEED Recertification

Green Building Certification

Project Information

  • Client: Asian Development Bank
  • Type – Office Financial – Non-profit
  • GFA – 143,569.85m2
  • Lot Area – 64,218m2

LEED Certification Information

  • LEED Certification Information:
  • LEED Rating System: LEED Existing Buildings O+M v3 2009
  • LEED Score: 63 Points out of 106
  • LEED Rating: Gold
  • Certification Date: 06/24/2011

Sustainable Sites

11 pts

  • SSc4 Alternative Commuting Transportation
  • SSc6 Stormwater Quantity Control
  • SSc7.1 Heat Island Reduction-Non-Roof
  • SSc8 Light Pollution Reduction

Water Efficiency

9 pts

  • WEp1 Minimum Indoor Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Efficiency
  • WEc1 Water Performance Measurement
  • WEc2 Additional Indoor Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Efficiency
  • WEc3 Water Efficient Landscaping
  • WEc4.1 Cooling Tower Water Mgmt-Chemical Mgmt

Energy and Atmosphere

26 pts

  • EApl Energy Efficiency Best Mgmt Practices-
  • EAp2 Minimum Energy Efficiency Performance
  • EAp3 Fundamental Refrigerant Mgmt
  • EAc1 Optimize Energy Efficiency Performance
  • EAc2.1 Existing Building Commissioning-Investigation and Analysis
  • EAc2.2 Existing Building Commissioning-Implementation
  • EAc3.1 Performance Measurement-Building Automation System
  • EAc3.2 Performance Measurement-System-Level Metering
  • EAc6 Emissions Reduction Reporting

Materials and Resources

5 pts

  • MRpl Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  • MRP2 Solid Waste Mgmt Policy
  • MRc1 Sustainable Purchasing-Ongoing Consumables
  • MRc2.1 Sustainable Purchasing-Durable Goods – Electric
  • MRc6 Solid Waste Mgmt-Waste Stream Audit
  • MRc7 Solid Waste Mgmt-Ongoing Consumables
  • MRc8 Solid Waste Mgmt-Durable Goods

Indoor Environmental Quality

6 pts

  • IEQp1 Minimum IAQ Performance
  • IEQp2 Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control
  • IEQp3 Green Cleaning Policy
  • IEQc1.1 IAQ Best Mgmt Practices-IAQMgmt Program
  • IEQC2.2 Controllability of Systems-Lighting
  • IEQC3.1 Green Cleaning-High Performance Cleaning Program
  • IEQC3.2 Green Cleaning-Custodial Effectiveness Assessment
  • IEQC3.3 Green Cleaning Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials Purchases
  • IEQC3.5 Green Cleaning-Indoor Chemical and pollutant Source Control

Innovation in Operations

6 pts

  • IOc1.1 Innovation in Operations
  • IOc1.2 Innovation in Operations
  • IOc1.3 Innovation in Operations
  • IOc1.4 Innovation in Operations
  • IOc2 LEED® Accredited Professional
  • IOc3 Documenting Sustainable Building Cost Impacts
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