Atienza Multi-Specialty Clinic Building


Project Information

  • Total Lot Area = 217 m2
  • Gross Floor Area = 722 m2
  • Total Construction Area = 754m2
  • # of Storeys = 4 + basement
  • Turnover Date = February 2009



  • Basement Parking
  • Commercial Spaces with toilets @ G/F
  • Multi-Specialty Clinics with toilets @ 2/F
  • Roof Deck
  • Residential Penthouse Suite Lower Level: Living, Dining, Kitchen, T&B, Laundry, Maid’s with T&B
  • Residential Penthouse Suite Upper Level: Guest Bedroom with ensuite, Master Bedroom with ensuite & dressing area



  • G/F level was raised 1.0m above street level
  • Ramp is provided for PWD and service access
  • Light wells are provided at the middle portion of the building thru the non-residential spaces
  • Spaces provided for plants
  • Elevated tanks are provided at the roof of the Penthouse
  • Energy efficient lamps and appliances, and water efficient fixtures
  • Low VOC paints


  • Ramp provides access to PWD and service deliveries @ G/F
  • Healthier & comfortable interiors with natural light and cross ventilation reduce energy consumption
  • Low VOC paints reduce contaminants in the interiors
  • Windows at light wells and stairwell provide natural cross-ventilation and flush out stagnant air at common areas and offices
  • Sufficient window provision at Penthouse
  • Louvers at Laundry provide privacy while allowing breezes thru to kitchen and Dining. Skylight roofing at Laundry and breezes enhance drying of laundry.
  • Energy efficient lamps and appliances, and water efficient fixtures result in reduced electric and water bills
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