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Sustainable architecture is an investment in the future. It is a solution that should create harmony between people, the built environment and nature.


Your search for a design team to bring your eco-friendly space from concept to reality ends here.

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Architectural Design and Green Building Consultancy in the Philippines​

We at Green Arc Sustainable Building & Design possess expertise in green building design and certification. Our team has been applying sustainability concepts in design since the 90’s. We consider budget parameter vis-a-vis your requirements and assist in sorting comfort and sustainability goals.

Eco-Sustainable Design Projects

GreenArc is a full-service architectural design and green building consultancy firm with offices in the Philippines. We design for architecture, interiors, renovations, green retrofits, and offer building performance analysis and Green Building Certification consultancy. Our experience covers design concept to completion, to building operations and maintenance. This allows for validation of efficacy of concepts and construction techniques to suppliers, and reduces guess work.

Every Element Counts
Every element counts

Our Services

Towards well-being, comfort, sustainability


Building form and elements are designed to modulate and optimize the natural elements


Aesthetics & functional planning are considered along with safe materials for a pleasant indoor environment

Renovations and Green Retrofits

Existing building and homes are modified to revive, enhance, or improve spaces

Green Building Certification

Project proponents opt to certify for Design & Construction, Operations and Maintenance

Analysis & Simulation

The efficacy and benefits of green design strategies are validated and quantified by applying building science


What Our Clients Say

Mrs. Marlina Velasco
Pabs Suarez designed and built the perfect house for us 3 years ago. It is a functional and intimate home that supports our lifestyle. He considered conditions of our area and wind patterns, he placed windows, doors and lighting to save energy. He also helped us source sustainable materials. We love our home and can’t imagine being in quarantine anywhere else. Thank you Pabs!
Ms Norma Davis
Proverbs 24:3-4 – By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Truly, the house designed by Architect Pabs Suarez and built by his partner contractor Wyndon Trinidad is perfect for our family. It has great space placement with intentional consideration for what nature has to offer.
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Mr Randy Uson
The Green Design of Architect Pabs Suarez is very much a daily blessing. During the summer, it allows for cool ventilation not normally found in most homes these days. Our air-well gives us a morning breeze while dining. During the cooler days, it is like being in Baguio while staying in Metro Manila. Positioning of rooms, relative to solar and wind orientation provides optimized harvesting of natural lighting and airflow. The design is especially helpful during brownouts when we need to rely on nature for these things. With Architect Suarez, you can enjoy nature in a modern design.
Fr Jaime Marquez
In 2003, the youthful Arch't Pabs of the Single Young Adults of Santuario de San Antonio Parish was tasked to design the plans for the church building of St John Mary Vianney Parish in Cembo, Makati. It was a tremendous challenge because the lot for the parish church construction was small in size and irregular in shape.
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Mr. Nonoi Maralit
We are very happy with the sustainable design solutions by Ar. Pabs specially with the way he has helped improve natural ventilation. The Energy efficient elements and water-saving features he introduced into the renovation design has truly helped reduce utility costs. With a simple and streamlined design, he was able to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere into our newly renovated home.
Mr. Benjie Bendicion
Many of our guests look at the angles and how light comes in and say it is architecturally attractive.
Mr. Ricky Lim
Pabs Suarez is an empathic designer: he never imposes; he suggests only after listening.  The results we got were just right: he combined the mix of colors, the right fixtures, and good layouts.  We wanted subtlety, and he gave us the proper understatement.  For another customer he might be more flashy, or more elegant, or more this or less that. But in all cases he will use the same process: listen, and then do the right thing.  This translates to a happy, comfortable home.
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